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Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. Join us to help protect water quality, promote better environmental public policies, educate on green energy and sustainability and advocate recycling. Read about ALL volunteer opportunities here. Contact ECO NOW to volunteer! LEARN MORE ABOUT our four mission-area committees: Energy, Green Infrastructure, Recycling, Water Quality.

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In a recent edition of Mountain Xpress, an article by Jacob Flannik discusses various groups in WNC working to protect and monitor streams. He refers to ECO's long-standing programs in "Safeguarding water quality: Amid drastic state budget cuts, volunteers pick up slack." Click Here for more!

Adopt A Stream

What is Adopt-A-Stream?

After many years as a successful stream cleanup program, similar to Adopt-A-Highway, Adopt-A-Stream underwent a major enhancement in 2008.  The focus of the program has been broadened and shifted toward water quality and stream health, with the adopters serving as true stream stewards of their adopted waterway.

As the eyes and ears of their streams, the volunteers conduct regular stream surveys of the waters, stream banks and adjacent riparian environment.  Clean-up is done as needed, and any significant problems or violations of applicable ordinances are reported, either to ECO’s action teams or local authorities for follow-up.  In appropriate cases, remedial action may be initiated with professional guidance.  Click here to see how individual make a difference. Local Girl Scouts who’ve adopted a stream received a community service award and thanks from Mayor Volk.  (Give photos time to upload!)

It is a fundamental tenet of the program that the better trained and educated the volunteers, the better job they can do and the more they will appreciate the valuable role they play in this important program.  To this end, education and training are offered, and participation in other ECO water quality programs is encouraged.  We work closely with the Cooperative Extension Service through the Mud Creek Restoration Project and with the County Soil and Water Conservation District.

Why Adopt A Stream?

We are fortunate to have abundant quality resources in the mountains – wetlands, streams, rivers and man-made ponds and lakes.  ECO believes, along with most of our citizens, that positive steps must be taken to protect these resources.  Bodies of clean water are a critical part of our environment and a precious resource for which we are responsible. Healthy streams in our community is a realistic goal; this encompasses control of toxic substances, reduction of pollution and erosion, and involvement of the public and governments in water protection through workable, low-cost and scientifically sound activities.

Locals and visitors alike enjoy fishing, canoeing, and kayaking in our streams, they are used by agriculture and industry, as sources of drinking water and, when cared for, will benefit our economy and provide the environmental balance necessary to a healthy ecosystem.

How Can You Help?

We have a broad spectrum of participating groups, and welcome new volunteers; individuals, neighborhood groups, church groups, small businesses and industries, civic groups, school and scout groups are all welcome to join.  To learn more, contact ECO at 828-692-0385, or through this web site.  A water-quality volunteer will contact you to answer questions and work with you and your volunteers to get you started.  Click here for WQ Survey Sheet.

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