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Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. Join us to help protect water quality, promote better environmental public policies, educate on green energy and sustainability and advocate recycling. Read about ALL volunteer opportunities here. Contact ECO NOW to volunteer! LEARN MORE ABOUT our four mission-area committees: Energy, Green Infrastructure, Recycling, Water Quality.

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ECO’s Water Quality Programs in the News!

In a recent edition of Mountain Xpress, an article by Jacob Flannik discusses various groups in WNC working to protect and monitor streams. He refers to ECO's long-standing programs in "Safeguarding water quality: Amid drastic state budget cuts, volunteers pick up slack." Click Here for more!

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ECO is open to everyone interested in preserving and conserving the natural heritage of the mountain region. Our organization is supported through its membership base and donations.Dues, donations, fundraising events, and grants support the organization’s activities. ECO depends on the support of people like you to continue its important community activities.

The Environmental and Conservation Organization is a community-based 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization incorporated in 1990 and is not affiliated with any national organization. Its board of directors reflects the diverse segments having an interest in environmental conservation and preservation. Composed of members of all walks of life, the organization seeks to educate and advocate for environmental issues. Students, retirees, professionals, government officials, business owners, landowners, life-long mountain residents, newcomers, and many others all find a common voice through membership in ECO.

Member Benefits
ECO members receive a quarterly newsletter that keeps them updated on local environmental issues. The handy Calendar of Events lists special activities such as hikes, programs, and public meetings. Members are also eligible for special members-only hikes and discounts at ECO events. Members receive a 10% discount at Mast General Store and Wild Birds Unlimited (Hendersonville).

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f $10

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Members are the lifeblood of our organization. Your continuing support helps make use strong and able to meet the environmental challenges now and into the future. Please renew your membership today!

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In order to grow as a regional environmental leader, ECO needs a consistent cashflow – one that comes from greater guaranteed support. Our Environmental Sustainer program helps meet this need by encouraging supporters to donate regularly throughout the year (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annually) at whatever rate they choose.

Thanks to our partnership with Moneris Funds, you can opt to have your gifts to ECO come directly out of your credit or debit card account. You’ll get a monthly statement from your card provider and we’ll send you an annual statement to account for your tax-deductible donations. No need to write checks, send mail or remember due dates.

Annual membership is included as part of your donation and comes with such great incentives as discounts at Mast General Store and Wild Birds Unlimited in Hendersonville. .

We value your commitment to our environmental values and hope you’ll continue to support us by becoming an Environmental Sustainer.

To authorize ECO to set up your recurring gift, please print out this form. Fill it out, sign it and bring by our office or mail to ECO, 611 N. Church Street, Hendersonville, NC 28792.

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